SIFA offers a wide range of articles dedicated to match the most demanding requirements in the indoor sector.
This industry requires high standard of air purification efficiency obtainable only with quality materials and manufactures, quality that SIFA offers in its products for OEM and OES solutions.
Main applications
Used in all areas where you want to combine the aluminum functionality with the inceneribility of the filters.
The innovative solution offered by SIFA allows you to assemble frames with the same technology and functionality as a normal extruded aluminum for laminar filters.
The decrease the number of junctions, compared to the products offered by competitors, reduces the risk of by-pass and allows for perfect planar surfaces to perfectly adhere to the gaskets.
This makes it possible to obtain a technically safer and more eye-catching filter.
- Standard raw material ABS; 
- 45° cut in customizable size;
- 90° cut in customizable size;
- Fireproof “M0 Class” available;
- Customizable color