SIFA offers a wide range of articles dedicated to match the most demanding requirements in the indoor sector.
This industry requires high standard of air purification efficiency obtainable only with quality materials and manufactures, quality that SIFA offers in its products for OEM and OES solutions.
Main applications
Very appreciated in all those environments where high performance solutions are sought with high quality and aesthetic high-quality levels.
Used mainly in Cleanroom in hospital sector and in research centers, these devices are capable of generating both laminar and turbulent air flow as required.
The solution offered by SIFA makes it possible to replace the individual filters with both polyurethane foam (CEM) and gel seal (CEL).
Ceilings made by SIFA are manufactured in single-piece or two-pieces in large cases, this constructive design minimizes filtering by-pass possibilities and greatly simplifies the installation phase, resulting in economical savings.
Available in several finish and materials:
AISI 304, AISI 304L, AISI 316, AISI 316L
Satin finish: sb
Glossy finish: ba
Raw finish 2b
Powder coated finish Ral 9010
Carbon Steel
Powder coated finish Ral 9010 
(customization on request)
Aluminum 6060
Raw finish
Powder coated finish Ral 9010
(customization on request)