SIFA has spent approximately 5 years perfecting and testing this system and is now involved in the consolidation and scale - up phases. Recently, we completed the validation phases (approximately 70 installations on many sites) and currently is launching the NewCo, devoted to the industrialization and commercialization phases, enabling the scale - up at global level. 
In addition, to enlarge the potential market, these new systems are involved on further experimentation and validation phases.
Traditional air cleaning systems work either by absorption (using active carbon) or accumulation (using filters).
SIFA uses neither reducing a wide spectrum of pollutants, and it is more economical to use.
Traditional industrial or automotive anti-pollution systems act at the source of effluence, whereas our system purifies the air in urban or industrial areas, where people live and work. It can work alongside, and can increase the efficiency of traditional systems.
It has a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) far lower than competitive offerings:
- 5 / 7 times less energy consumption than the average
- Uses small quantities of economical, inert chemical "reagents"
- Equipped with sensors–allowing cloud-based remotely monitoring in real time
- Provides real-time pollutant-specific analytics, thus enabling remedial actions
- Can be switched off if air quality improves, further reducing costs
- Low frequency of maintenance or human intervention
- Rain water-like waste; no need for special disposal, because it works with waters, without filters.
It is an intelligent air cleaning system that uses a patented innovative filter–less technology, which abates with very high efficacy and efficiency:
1. Particulate matter
2. Heavy metals
3. PAHs 
4. Light hydrocarbons (methane, benzene, etc.)
5. NOx, Sox, CO 
6. CO2
A single air cleaner creates a bubble of purified air of 25m (82,02 ft) of radius.