SIFA offers a wide range of articles dedicated to match the most demanding requirements in the indoor sector glass fiber free made.
This industry requires high standard of air purification efficiency obtainable only with quality materials and manufactures, quality that SIFA offers in its products for OEM and OES solutions.
Innovative line of non-woven fabrics entirely made of micro, nano synthetic fibers and PTFE membrane.
These products provide high mechanical resistance and are 100% incenerible. 
Synthetic product: efficiencies between F7 / MERV 13 up to H14 or Hepa 99.99%.
These materials, electrostatically charged, are able to achieve the required efficiency standards with a pressure drop of about 10 times lower than normal filtering fabrics used.
PTFE membrane an innovative filtration technology chargeless:
High efficiency with low pressure drop, combined with elevated hydrofobicity and coalescing properties. This average is well appreciated in all areas where boron-silicate fibers are forbidden. All materials can be pleated and offer high performance in terms of machinability.