The possibility to use raw materials produced by ourselves, according to energy saving respecting the environmental policies, has enabled SIFA to achieve a market share in this strategic business.
The great insulating capacity in a thinner material distinguishes NATEC insulated products all over the world.
Main applications
NATEC Insulation Panels are currently the solution with lowest λ value.
Thermal conductivity properties are achieved with very thin panels with same performances of other thicker insulating materials.
Main applications are: refrigerators, freezers, cold chain logistics, building, yachting, camper vans, boilers, microwave ovens, aircrafts, military structures, where the preservation of the empty volume is the most important requirement of the final product.
All these features are possible thanks to the combination of vacuum and NATEC fibers to make stiff panels.
The preservation of the insulation properties is assured by special chemicals able to absorb gases for jump in temperature, to improve its longevity.
SIFA offers its highly professional team in order to develop or to suggest the best solution and configuration according to each specific application.
from 2 mm (0,078”)
up to 50 mm (1,96”)
Panel size:
Min.100*100 mm (3,93* 3,93”)
Max. 1200*1700 mm (47,24* 66,92”)
Low Thermal Conductivity 
λ = 0.0016 W/m*K (0,011 BTU inch/h*ft2*°F)
Compression Resistance:
up to 10 t/m2 (2048,16 lb/ft2)
Maximum working Temperature: 
< 0° C (32°F)
up to +100° C (+212 °F)
Service Life:
Extrapolated, depending on application up to 60 years. Initial λ maintained up to 20 years.