The possibility to use raw materials produced by ourselves,  according to energy saving respecting  the environmental policies, has enabled SIFA to achieve a market share in the strategic business of thermal insulation.
The great insulating capacity distinguishes the NATEC Core as one of the most efficient products all over the world. 
NATEC Core is made from nanofiber.
It is characterized by low thermal conductivity, good flexibility, high heat resistance, non-combustibility and ageing resistance. 
NATEC Core is soft in texture, easy to cut and applicable in areas with space restrictions.
Main applications
NATEC Core is an ideal product for advanced thermal insulation in those sectors where the preservation of space and high insulation performance are the most important requirements.
Main applications are: environments working under high temperatures (>+80° C; +176 °F), the automotive sector, internal and external insulation of piping, thermal packaging, refrigeration equipment, buildings, and many others.
from a minimum of 0,5 mm (0,019”)
Format and size:
in sheets
from 0,5 mm (0,019”) thickness
up to no limits
in rolls:
from 0,5 mm (0,019”) thickness
up to 2,5 mm (0,098”) thickness
Low Thermal Conductivity
λ = 0.032 W/m*K (0,22 BTU inch/h*ft2*°F)
100% recyclable
Biosoluble (not harmful for human health)
Maximum working
+820°C; +1508 °F (weakening temperature of the micro-nano fiber material).
Natec Core is fireproof.
Service Life:
Durable solution. It will maintain its performance for the entire lifetime of the material to which it is applied.