SIFA's flexibility enables worldwide approach, thanks to the wide range of products and solutions that SIFA offers in order to satisfy  customers' needs.
Wide variety of applications, ranging from liquid filtration, (process, waste and product filtration) to hydraulic filtration in all dimensional versions, are only a small part of the SIFA's products in this industry.

Main applications
These devices are used for the removal of hazardous substances such as gases and dust produced in hospitals, radiology departments and laboratories.
Available in both Bag In-Bag Out (BIBO) and Exposed Filter Replacement versions, they are available in both domestic and industrial environments. The BIBO solution is used in all air treatment plants where pollutants arrested by the filter can compromise the operator’s safety during filter replacement operations such as in biological research laboratories, hospital rooms, nuclear power plants, chemical industries.
SIFA offers a wide range of customized security containers with various options, some of which are patent-protected, available for either high-capacity metallic or MDF frame filters or rigid pocket filters.