SIFA's flexibility enables worldwide approach, thanks to the wide range of products and solutions that SIFA offers in order to satisfy  customers' needs.
Wide variety of applications for industrial processes, ranging from heavy duty, nuclear, coalescer, NBC, ATEX application, oil and liquid filtration, wastewater, food&beverage and sterilization process.
This media performs in air to break down the airborne particulate matter in size 2.5μm, 5μm and 10μm, MERV 7 to MERV 16  up to submicronic particles in HEPA and ULPA grades. In liquid filtration reinforced media break down particulate from <1µm to 50µm Iso 16889 hydraulic and ISO 4548 for oil filters. 
Multilayer technology allows us to cover all the shades of filtration up to the most stressful and to give different chemical resistances.
Antimicrobial and conductive properties are improved in all situations where aerosol or gases can explode for a simple spark generated by an electric discharge.