SIFA's flexibility enables worldwide approach, thanks to the wide range of products and solutions that SIFA offers in order to satisfy customers' needs.
Wide variety of applications, ranging from liquid filtration, (process, waste and product filtration) to hydraulic filtration in all dimensional versions, are only a small part of the SIFA's products in this industry.
Hot-melt studied for every kind of pleating equipment and application. EVA and Polyamide based products are offered to the market.
The plasticity of the material matches to the right stiffness for stiffer bends.
For the most critical hot and humid seasons, our solution enables us to work continuously and speed without the risk of loss of productivity.
One component, silicon free adhesive with high temperature resistance (800° C 1472° F) for sealing filters for sterilization processes in autoclaves at 45° C (842° F).