The ever-increasing demand for energy is accompanied by the need to store the energy produced, both in traditional and, above all, in innovative sectors.
It is evident, as an ever increasing number of possibilities for electrical production, one of the main problems is its distribution at times and in areas where production can not be immediately transferred to use.
This problem arises from the need to realize components that have, in a reduced space, the ability to retain and dispense the stored energy.
With a dedicated product and two production lines dedicated to this purpose, SIFA is serving this industry with the same care that has always characterized its activity.
The automotive sector, which is expected to be the industry that will absorb much of future production, together with communications, housing and service vehicles, are the areas where this type of product is located.
Composition of the glass microfiber material AGM:
The material can be supplied in rolls, height at customer’s request, or sheets, with customizable measures.