SIFA offers a wide range of articles dedicated to match the most demanding requirements in the indoor sector.
This industry requires high standard of air purification efficiency obtainable only with quality materials and manufactures, quality that SIFA offers in its products for OEM and OES solutions.
This media is a  non-woven textile filtering fabrics designed to break down the airborne particulate matter in size 2.5μm, 5μm and 10μm (ISO 16890) or MERV 7 to MERV 16 in civil and industrial sectors.
These particulate filtration grades, are capable of achieving HEPA H14 and ULPA16 grades, which are widely used in hospitals, Pharma, Semiconductors, Nuclear, Biological Laboratories, DPI and so on, with very high filtering capacities coupled with low pressure drop.
Filtering materials are capable of reaching the heaviest heights of both Minipleat and deep-pleat technology.
Laminated versions provide high performance in terms of DHC, mechanical strength up to washable tissue solutions.
They are available in Antimicrobial version, with electrical conductivity properties in all situations where aerosols or gases can explode for a simple spark generated by an electric discharge.