With the purpose of guaranteeing a full range of services, SIFA is more and more focused on its core business:  to produce increasingly efficient filters in compliance with the new regulations. SIFA, with high reactivity and professionalism, provides the following services:
Dedicated assistance:
Team strongly dedicated to technical, mechanical and electronic assistance for issues related to production plants such as bending machines, polyurethane dosing machines, hot melting machines. 
Each plant, produced by specialized companies or homemade, which requires involvement for functionality problems or poor optimization with the raw materials used, can be revised by SIFA technicians, in order to improve the quality of the finished product, or to save energy, to encourage a better operator contribution. 
Consulting Service for Filtration Industries:
Consulting for filter materials and related production technologies. 
Possibility of market surveys for various applications related to indoor, automotive, biomedical and other filtration.
Filter production lines:
Sale of bending machines, machines for the production of filters, control and monitoring equipment. 
Pre-and post-sales assistance with specialized staff who guides the customer in order to choose the most suitable systems for their production, or to suggest most suitable installation and assistance during the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance phases.