SIFA Technology is qualified to research, to study, to develop materials for the following markets:
- Filtration;
- AGM Batteries;
- Thermal/acoustical insulation.
SIFA Technology has all the equipment to assist you on the start-up of a new project with a dedicated internal department for 3D modelling end prototyping. The lab is equipped with a 3D printer and other CNC machines to enhance the strong research and development skills.
SIFA Technology is able to analyse filter cartridges, flat or pleated filter media, multi layers filter media, any paper and any Woven non Woven from wet or dry process.
We are able to study the glass microfibers that make up the AGM battery separator, and all the components used to manufacture Natec panels.
SIFA Technology is able to offer to the market complete assistance and consultancy about the following analysis:
  • •  chemical
  • •  physical
  • •  morphology structure study
  • •  filter structure study
  • •  determination of statistical fiber diameter distribution
  • •  dust accumulation analysis 
We are at your complete disposal for any scientific research. Our professional consulting service come from technical experience on filter media, filter cartridges, paper process and non woven production. We have possibility to analyse your samples with SEM (Scanning Microscopy Electronic), X Ray, U.V. Ray, Infrared, and other special laboratory equipments for organic and inorganic chemical determination, evaluation and other analysis.
Of course, all these instruments can be used to study and develop new products and concept to be applied at the market of AGM Separator and on the business of Thermal/Acoustic Panels.