Quality Policy
SIFA Technology is certified ISO9001:2015
With the implementation of a documented Quality Management System, SIFA undertakes a commitment to ensure the quality of its products to meet customer expectations and consolidate the image achieved in their industry.
In addition to this main purpose, through the Quality Management System it is intended to:

1. To raise the quality culture in people who work in the organization, by involving them in the knowledge of the importance of their own business;

2. Define the actions needed to monitor the identified business risks;

3. Promote improvement plans to consistently satisfy all stakeholder groups;

4. Prevent, reduce and / or eliminate non-compliance, resulting in waste and defects that generate additional costs and are likely to damage our customers;

5. continuously improve the product / service provided in accordance to the requirements of the market demand through marketing surveys and customer meetings;

6. Always adapt the company's production capacity and flexibility to maintain high competitiveness of its products and optimal value for money;

7. comply with all applicable laws in the sector in which the company operates;

8. Involve and transmit Quality Policy at all levels through regular meetings;

9. Define and achieve measurable goals to evaluate the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

To this end, subject to compliance with applicable laws, technical-contractual and product safety rules and workers, it decides to establish and maintain a Quality Management Program for the planning and control of all Business activities.
Responsibility for the establishment, implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System is entrusted to all process owners who cooperate effectively with the Quality Manager in order to effectively pursue the commitments undertaken above.
Sassoferrato (AN), 29/01/2021   
 Fabrizio Perini