SIFA donates a defibrillator to the preschool of its town

Dear All,

Today we are pleased to share with you one more SIFA’s initiative which makes us very proud.

Once again, in fact, we decided to give our contribution to make our territory safer by donating a second defibrillator to the municipality of Sassoferrato, which will be placed inside the town’s preschool "G. Rodari ".

Certain of having done a significant gesture for the safety of children and adults who spend their days inside the structure, we want to confirm our determination to continue contributing to the conscious and responsible development of the area in which we live.

Sassoferrato, 28th November 2020


Best regards,

SIFA supports children in need

Dear All,

today we are pleased to share with all the followers of our news section, part of a beautiful message we received a few days ago from an Italian cooperative that helps children in financial and social difficulties and that, in the most difficult moment of the Covid pandemic, turned to SIFA in search of support.  

“…It has been a long time since we spoke, we were in full pandemic emergency and we found in you a precious and fundamental help for the continuation of our activities in favor of children and most vulnerable people. Today, a few months later, I would like to tell you about how we managed to go on, also thanks to your help. Our communities for children victims of abuse have remained open during the pandemic, continuing to provide care for all those who don’t have a safe home to live in. The support activities for children, which we carried out remotely during the lockdown, have finally started again in presence since June, allowing us to offer help,  didactics and education support that guarantee them a future, unfortunately denied today. Finally, also our activities addressed to the most vulnerablet part of the adult population have  restarted always with the aim to restore every day their dignity through social and work inclusion activities, because no one must be left alone, never. Today I am writing you this short communication to thank you once again for the precious help you have given us in a very difficult moment for all. We have lived with our operators and our children a very complicated and sometimes dramatic phase, but also thanks to you, now we are stronger than before and even more motivated to go ahead…”.

We think it is useful to stop for a while and reflect on how beautiful is to know that we work - and have worked - hard also to help that part of population in need. The hope is also to promote the idea of ​​the company as a social good, involved in supporting people in need, in promoting cultural and scientific activities, in safeguarding the environment and the territory in which is based.

Sassoferrato, 28th September 2020


Best regards,

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Adhesion to the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce

Dear All,

It is great pleasure to be back to you with our latest news, which is today inherent to the adhesion of SIFA to the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce.

Thanks to our trade with China, now ten-years and widely consolidated collaboration, we have strengthened our strategic presence with the "Eastern Giant" becoming members of the only association of Italian entrepreneurs and professionals officially recognized by the Italian State (MiSE) and by China, aimed at promoting the internationalization of Italian companies and promoting Made in Italy in there.

His great ability to understand and analyze local market is favored by the link with the business community and local institutions.

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce offers opportunities for information, training, sharing business contacts and it is an authoritative platform in which sharing issues of common interest.

For all these reasons, being part of it, is a source of pride for us and a further guarantee of our commercial relations with China.


Sassoferrato, 29th July 2020

Best regards,

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Decisions-making bodies membership for SIFA Technology

We are pleased to announce another aspect of SIFA Technology, which concerns the desire to share its technical know-how externally, with the aim of fuelling a business style based on ethics and innovation.

In fact, fully aware that the development of our business, it must be accompanied by the growth of the microenvironment in which it takes place, we strongly believe that, thanks to the skills gained, it’s necessary to make our contribution with enthusiasm and proactiveness.

That's why SIFA is proud to have joined some technical councils of decision-making bodies of international importance which deal with environmental protection and quality of life.

In particular, over the past year, SIFA joined the ICESP, the Italian platform of circular economy players, which was born in 2018 as a mirror of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP), during the launch conference held at the Senate of the Italian Republic. The Platform manages the activities of the working groups that work on the most important issues for the circular economy by meeting periodically to draw up reviews and technical reports on the topics.

In order to fuel the recovery of our territory from an economic point of view, but always pursuing a low environmental impact, SIFA has also joined the Marche Manufacturing Cluster. The cluster was born in 2013, with the aim of acting as a link between the needs of the production world and the policies of the Marche Region, increasing the competitiveness of Marche enterprises by studying the specific needs of manufacturing production.

Last but not the least, as members of Confindustria, from this year, SIFA has also become a member of the Quality Club because of the desire to work on innovative themes comparing the concrete problems highlighted by companies in the area and beyond. The role of the Club is perceive some signals that come from outside, to develop new ideas, promoting growth and cultural change. The Quality Club is "a knowledge center", considered today the Research and Development laboratory of Confindustria Ancona, and it has as its objective the dissemination of innovative activities and experiences on cutting-edge cultural themes about business management.

Adhering to entities of this magnitude, dedicating part of their time and a lot of effort is, in our opinion, one of the possibilities that companies have to invest in innovation and in the value of collaboration, the real one which allows entities of different nature to cooperate for a common goal, enriching culturally themselves and the entities that sourrounding them.

As usual, we thank all those who collaborate with us for the constant cooperation.


Sassoferrato, 16th January 2020

Best regards,

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Collaboration with IIS Merloni: SIFA Technology for scientific research & school education

We are pleased to inform you about a new SIFA Technology initiative aimed at promoting technical training for students and cooperation between schools and companies.

In particular, we would love to talk about the collaboration with the IIS A. Merloni Institute of Fabriano.

This agreement provides the following activities:
- an internship that, as part of the italian project School / Work Alternation, will allow students to gain work experience within our company by developing specific training projects;
- hours of free training in which the Technical Managers of Sifa Technology will be the direct speakers of workshops and conferences which will take place in the school halls;
- from the 2019/2020 school year, a scholarship thanks to a deservig student, will have the opportunity to visit the production facilities in China.
You can read more concerning our collaboration on the Institute's website
in the News section or on:

We warmly thank all those who collaborate with us for the cooperation.


Sassoferrato, 21th January 2020

Best regards,