About Us

About Us
SIFA Technology started its activity in 2001, thanks to its founders Simone Latini and Fabrizio Perini.
SIFA’s activity is organized in 3 main business units coordinated by the Central Management: filtration, AGM battery separators, thermal insulation.
These are 3 interdependent businesses linked by a common fil rouge represented by the diversified use of the same raw material (high-tech fibers).
SIFA Technology has always been present in the filtration industry. Thanks to the extensive experience gained over time, it has become a global leader in the supply of all components needed for manufacturing filters and air-treatment devices.
The market is in constant expansion, and nowadays SIFA serves more than 50 countries worldwide with its customized products and services, thanks to its global value-chain and ongoing collaborations.
SIFA brought to life an innovative product: a thin super-insulant called NATEC
NATEC Panel is currently the highest performing thermal solution. Thermal conductivity properties are achieved with very thin panels with same performances of other thicker insulating materials.
NATEC Panel’s features make it the perfect synonymous for Energy saving.
AGM products by SIFA respond to the need of saving and conserving energy.
Automotive, communications and building are the main industries to which this business unit is addressed.
SIFA’s production lines offer all the possible solutions for manufacturing AGM batteries for various applications (cars, anti-theft devices, PV systems, electrical machinery etc.)
Standing out since 2001 
Over the years, SIFA Technology has significantly expanded its offer and, at the same time, its business has been enriched with a philosophy focused on the care of people and the environment both within the company and at a wider level, since the early days.
In fact, SIFA Technology is a G-Local company, concentrated simultaneously on the local area, of which it is a promoter, and on the global one, being present in four continents.
The strong will to contribute to a circular and sustainable economy has brought SIFA Technology to the study of new materials solutions. In fact, SIFA Technology is a forerunner of the new and current attention towards the respect for the environment: in fact way back  in 2006 it appeared on the market with a patent on biodegradable and eco-compatible products for the filtration components sector.
This example and others demonstrate that the commitment to the environment in SIFA is a pillar on which the entire business has always been built.
The deep knowledge of the sectors in which it operates, the sensitivity towards the territory and the people who live in it, have ensured that the company philosophy and therefore its production, focus on social responsibility in order to create a real virtuous cycle. In fact, CSR, in the case of SIFA Technology, is not just one of the company’s focuses, but has become the common thread that indissolubly connects the three macro areas of specialization of the company.
The willingness to supporting the cultural and social enrichment of the territory in which it was born is tangible. SIFA Technology in fact supports cultural activities and, above all, promotes scientific research through real and concrete partnerships with companies and universities, with the aim of stimulating the spirit of discovery in students and continuing the exploration of materials and techniques.
Filtration, AGM batteries and thermal insulation are interdependent businesses and, at the same time, are oriented towards the same goal: promoting and supporting the concept of High Tech for Life, which to SIFA means exploiting its technologies and knowledge in order to improve the comfort of the environments, throughout the range of the products but always without impacting the ecosystem.