About Us

About Us
SIFA Technology started its activity on  2001 by the founders, Simone Latini and Fabrizio Perini.
Initially, SIFA Technology specializes in the production of components for air, liquid and hydraulic filters.
Thanks to the collaboration of highly qualified personnel with deep experience in the production of filtering materials  with Wet laid technology, Melt Blown and Spun Laid and in the production of filters for sectors such as environment air, automotive, hydraulic, compressed air and others, the market it has expanded rapidly.
Through its own production and collaboration chain, SIFA Technology is able to offer the entire world filtration market, all the accessories and components used for the assembly and / or construction of filters, filtering terminals and air handling units.
Recently, two new Business Units have been created, designed to approach two new markets:
- Separators for AGM batteries;
- Panels for acoustic and  heat insulation.
These new Business Units, coordinated by the Company Management, are autonomous and dedicated to the development of these markets.
Separators for AGM batteries
The production line is able to offer all the options necessary for the production of AGM batteries. This type of material is used in the production of batteries for the following sectors:
AGM Standard: alarms, alarms or uninterruptible power supplies.
AGM Cyclic use: Start & Stop vehicles, electric vehicles and machinery in general, photovoltaic systems, medical aids, golf carts
AGM Alto Cue: starters, racing cars.
Panels for acoustic heat insulation
The specific products are divided into two categories:
Natec Panels: Vacuum insulation panels, for buildings, cold chain, etc
Natec Core: Materials for automotive and other applications where high flexibility is required.