A complete and implementable range of products, with several technologies and different raw materials. 
Continuous innovation, thanks to very high quality pilot plants and laboratory equipment, provides customers with an approach to most performing products. Wet laid, melt blown and others technologies, enable Sifa to offer a wide range of products which meets the most demanding requirements, such as glass microfiber, synthetic materials and various combinations.
Natec brand is recognized as market leader, also confirmed by the continuous increase in market share. Unique in the world, it incorporates the production of various media with the domestic production of its raw material.
Brands / Certifications / Patents
Technological level of solutions offered by SIFA is highlighted by the approach to various applications. 
Patents and certifications, applied to the most specialized areas, related to construction of filtering solutions, cover all market requests. SIFA owns several patents and constantly presents new ones. SIFA defends intellectual property and operates in compliance with current applicable laws, thus contributing to the rise of the industrial air treatment and filtration sector knowledge.
SIFA Technology and Natec brands are globally registered, in order to safeguard  our professionalism and recognizability.