SIFA TECHNOLOGY SIFA TECHNOLOGY is an Italian producer company involved on filtration and Non-Woven market. SIFA is offering high tech components and accessories at the air and liquid filter makers. It was born on June of 2001, created by technical people with deep experience on Non-Woven and filter media production.

Through the years SIFA team growth including new professional engineer with high background in Research & development, projecting and sales on filtration business.

Thanks to the logistics plants in Europe and US, SIFA TECHNOLOGY is serving worldwide air, liquid and hydraulic filtration market.

Our Team is at your complete disposal for any need.

Automotive Filters

SIFA Technology sells to Automotive filter makers, special filters with high efficiency, high Dust Holding Capacity, high water separation and long life.

Liquid Filters

SIFA Technology offer to the market a complete range of filtration products for purification and separation of gases and liquids.

Filter Media

SIFA Technology produce Micro Glass Fiber Filter Media for Air and Liquid/Hydraulic filtration.

Poket Filter Media

An integrated line, starting from the creation of fiberglass, will optimize and customize the performance filter of our media for conventional pockets.


SIFA TECNOLOGIA produce profili in alluminio estruso in ossido di 6060 e 6063 in lega o in plastica per i filtri incenerible. Questi prodotti sono dedicati per i telai filtro laminari.


SIFA TECHNOLOGY is producing extruded oxide aluminum profiles in 6060 and 6063 alloy or in plastic for incenerible filters. These products are dedicated for laminar filter frames.


SIFA TECHNOLOGY produce and supply units used for air treatments and Filtering Flow System which as Customized Housings; Bag in Bag Out cabinets; Bag in Bag out Benches; Terminal Units; Frames for Turbulent flow filters; Other components follow the customers need Products are made in Stainless steel, steel, Galvanized steel, Aluminum and dust or liquid coated on demand.


SIFA TECHCNOLOGY supply bi-component polyurethane systems used in assembling filters.


Several Hot-melt are available in many different shapes for the following applications in air and liquid filtration: Pleat separators; Sealant; General bonding.


AGM batteries, because of their unique features and benefits, VRLA (Valve - Regulated Lead Acid)

Vacuum Insulation Panel

A vacuum insulated panel (VIP) is a form of thermal and acoustic insulation consisting of a practically gas-tight enclosure surrounding a rigid core, from which the air has been evacuated.

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